With the increasing demand for concrete in the market, the production work of concrete mixing plants is also continuously increasing. The key to the daily normal operation of concrete mixing plants is that the operation and management personnel regularly maintain and maintain the concrete mixing stations, not only It is related to the progress of the project and also has an inseparable relationship with the profit of the project. In order to ensure the normal operation of the concrete mixing plant equipment and give full play to its benefits, the concrete mixing plant equipment should be properly repaired and maintained. How often does the concrete mixing station be maintained? Concrete company

Concrete mixing plant

1. Check each time before using concrete mixing station

Check whether the air compressor self-protection device in the concrete mixing station is reliable, whether the air pressure is stable; check whether the water pump water supply is sufficient, and whether the pipeline is unblocked; whether the material warehouse door, cement bucket door, intermediate collecting bucket door, discharge door, etc. are opened or closed Flexible and reliable; check whether the coupling bolts of the mixing machine blades are firm; check whether the electrical devices are safe and reliable, and whether the limit switch action switches are flexible and reliable; check whether the lubricating gears of each lubrication point have sufficient lubricating oil.

2, after each shift after use

Clean the inside and outside of the concrete mixer, and accumulate the material on the material door, and rinse it; add lubrication point to each lubrication point, especially the shaft end seal, and do not miss it; in winter, the liquid in the water channel should be drained; Gas and water in the gas cylinder; all switches are inactive after shutdown and the power is turned off.

3, weekly inspection and maintenance

Check the condensation of residual enthalpy in the mixing tank. If there is condensation, stop it and remove it (be careful to cut off the power supply). Check the gap between the mixing blade and the lining. If it is not suitable for adjustment, check if the pneumatic system is leaking or not. Whether it is reliable; check the quality of the lubricating oil in the gearbox and the height of the liquid level, if necessary, fill or replace; check whether the water suction bottom valve in the water supply system is reliable; check whether the electrical components are damaged, repair or replace if necessary, check Whether the wiring is loose; unscrewing the fouling and checking the sealing of the shaft end. After no abnormality, screw in the plug. Kunshan concrete

Concrete mixing plant

4, inspection and maintenance around

Check the tension of the belt of the concrete mixing station and make appropriate adjustments; check the wear of the blades and linings; check whether the connecting bolts of the upper and lower frames, the silo, the large inclined belt machine, etc. are firm, and whether the foundation is under Sink; check the concrete mixing plant equipment - whether there are agglomerations and debris in the screw conveyor, if any, remove.

 5, annual inspection and maintenance and overhaul of concrete mixing plant

 The concrete mixing plant equipment is operated for one year. In addition to the inspection of items 1, 2, 3 and 4, other parts should be inspected and fully inspected for repair and replacement.

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